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About us

e-gaming is very dynamic and fast-evolving Czech company, founded in 2005, when its founding owners have had more than 10 years’ experience in the business at the time of its establishment. Since entering the gaming industry, the company has been building its good business name and strong market position and over the time has become one of the main players in the domestic market in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, where it has a long-standing strong position in the land-based industry.

The company also has an extraordinarily strong position in the Spanish market and is active in other European and world markets, such as Romania, Macedonia, Belgium, Serbia, Mexico, Panama, Colombia, and other Latin American countries. Today, e-gaming operates tens of thousands of devices around the world and their number is constantly growing.

Over the time of its operation, e-gaming has developed several gaming systems, such as Linked System, Central Lottery System, Server Supported Gaming System, Interactive System and, last but not least, a hight-quality and secure gaming system called Multi-Lotto Server Based Gaming System (SBG), which is fully integrated with modern online technologies and allows easy access to take full advantage of these technologies, such as multi-channel interface that allows players to access games on other platforms, progressive jackpots and quick access to any game presently available in the company´s portfolio.

The system is flexible and open so it can be easily adapted to the needs and requirements of each operator. Through an internet connection it allows each operator to connect to a wide range of games and provides access to an application for management, operation, set up and control of gaming terminals. Currently, the system offers a wide range of games, especially video slots as well as card games, video poker and of course progressive jackpots.

e-gaming is to a considerable extent involved in the online gaming industry too, especially the development of online games for online casinos. In 2015 company developed its own online platform, based on the mentioned system, which was officially licensed by the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic. Currently, this online casino platform has been operating since 2019 in the Czech Republic under the Betor.cz brand and since 2020 also in Slovakia as Betor.sk.

High-quality and successful e-gaming games have been integrated and are operated on online platforms not only in the Czech Republic but also worldwide, where the number of customers is constantly increasing as well as the market share of original e-gaming games.



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