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Multi SlotTM
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Multichannel gaming Easy implementation Quick set up and check up of terminals Highest security Intuitive application for operators

Multi LottoTM

Video lottery platform includes a central system and gaming terminals, which connect to the central system.

Video Lottery Systems are operated over large geographical areas, over a WAN, such as the Internet. Tts multiple modules include:

– VLT management,
– Progressive Multi‐level Jackpot
– Advertisement
– Ticketing and Cashier
– Player Tracking (with loyalty and bonus system).

VLT Management system provides centralized reporting, slot accounting tools, real-time alerts, configurable game settings, game updates and game shifting ensure total, real-time control over the operation, and a sophisticated player loyalty and bonus system enables effective, targeted marketing.

Multi SlotTM

E‐gaming offers two versions of Multi SlotTM platform:

Server Based Gaming (SBG) system – which includes a central floor system and gaming machines which connect to the central system. SBG systems are operated locally, over LAN.

Server Supported Gaming (SSG) system – where each gaming machine has to contain a Random Number Generator (RNG) and complete local copies of the games. In SSG systems, the server support is limited to analysis, content distribution (if possible) and management, operation of Progressive Jackpot System.

Multi Lotto JackpotTM

Progressive Jackpot System for land-base and online.

Support of two types of progressive jackpots systems:

Single‐level: Mystery Progressive Jackpot

Multi-level: Mystery Progressive Jackpot

Every level of the progressive jackpot can be set as:

Multiple Gaming Device Progressive, where one or more gaming device(s) that offer common progressive jackpot(s) which are linked to a progressive controller module within a single gaming location.

Multi‐Site Progressive Gaming Devices, where progressive gaming devices are interconnected in more than one gaming location. The purpose of a multi‐site progressive systém is to offer common progressive jackpots at all participating locations. The current status of the progressive meters is displayed by the online devices, VLT and by an external large format displays.

Multi Lotto AdvertisementTM

System designed to utilize free marketing/advertisement space available in Video Lottery Terminals and Big‐screen Progressive Jackpot devices.

Specially designed for this purpose management interface allows running markeGng / adverGsement campaigns and content management across all network of devices.

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